Staging… Does it increase the sale price?

In today’s competitive market everyone is trying to gain an edge on the rest. Whether or not to stage a property is one of the many questions on everyone’s mind when it comes time to sell.

Staging or property styling aims to showcase your home in the best possible light. Professional stylists are sent in to redecorate the space to make it broadly appealing to your target audience. The stylists usually declutter and store some or all of your furniture and decor away, and move in a curated set of stylish furnishings. The essence of this service is creating an aesthetically pleasing space and therefore a great first impression for buyers. This will generate more appeal and hopefully more invested buyers who will see the value of the home.

You’ll create the right connections

Not only is staging hoping to generate monetary value, but also emotional value, as it is far easier for a buyer to go through with a purchase when they have emotionally connected or ‘fallen in love’ with a home.

Professional styling that makes the most out of a space with bespoke furniture, ideal layouts, and colour schemes, helps evoke that happy feeling in people. To some degree stylists are taking out an owner’s personal influence on the home so that potential buyers may envision themselves living in the home and how they could best use the space.

It can change a buyer’s perception

Alternatively, if the property being sold is entirely empty the addition of staging can help it look move-in ready. Not only this but an empty room can actually look smaller without furniture in it and can encourage inspecting buyers to more thoroughly seek out any minor cosmetic problems. If the home hosts an unusual layout it will be abundantly clear with an empty house, if it is staged it will help guide buyers to the potential of each space.

An empty home can also run the risk of appearing as if the owner desperately needs to sell as they/their tenants have already moved out – while this may be the case you don’t want to actively invite lowball offers.

Your home will probably sell much faster

People are attracted to beautiful things – that’s just a fact, so if your property is staged to perfection, it will have beautiful listing photos.  This staged beauty is going to garner a lot more attention on real estate websites, as well as other marketing assets like social media and brochures.

This will get more buyers through your home, and their expectations reinforced in person.

The investment pays for itself

If you’ve reached this part of the blog, you’ve certainly read how much staging can assist in selling a property, but how much does it cost, and is it worth the price?

With our recommended partners, clients at All Properties Group can spend from a range of $2000-$6000 for a full staging – some homes may only need a partial staging which will decrease this price. While this may seem like a decent chunk of money, it is a worthwhile investment.

A Brisbane-based agency ran a six-year study that revealed a range of 3-10% increase in price premiums for staged properties; resulting in an average of about $69,000.

Within this data some sellers even received $100,000 over their starting offer price!

We’re always on hand and ready

It is safe to say that having a staged home can increase the chances of you getting the best offer possible, but as it can be subjective to each home and area, be sure to contact your real estate agent to discuss your staging needs.

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