Why do we call it the ‘Spring Selling Season’?

As we head into September and thus into spring, we find ourselves in what has been coined by real estate circles across the globe as the ‘Spring Selling Season’. But why is that?

Well, the theory is that as the weather starts to warm up and the gardens start flourishing, houses start looking more inviting. Buyers, much like the flowers, start popping up more frequently. This encourages sellers to put their newly “refreshed” properties up on the invigorated market.

One reason buyers may be more motivated to buy is because springtime is when people are usually looking for some kind of fresh start or change. It’s either time to spruce up the home with some vigorous spring cleaning and new décor – or take it one step further and just buy a new one! What could be a better change of pace than a whole new home to enjoy and a neighbourhood to explore?

You might be thinking, ‘We don’t even have a real winter here in Australia.’ And while the Australian winter isn’t always gloomy, especially up here in Queensland, we are still affected by shortened daylight hours. This can limit the time spent showing houses to prospective buyers. Also, when it is gloomy, being cold and wet from the outside and trying to avoid ruining a strangers carpet during an open home isn’t the most pleasant experience.

So how do you make the most of the Spring Selling Season if your property is on the market?

Bring the outdoors in
Pop some fresh flowers on your bench or add a delicate flowery fragrance to your home to banish any residual winter staleness and bring in the spring.

Lighten up
Pull back those curtains and polish those windows to let the full effect of the lovely springtime sunshine in. Bonus points for making sure every surface is polished to perfection to bounce the light right around the room.

All hands on deck
Enhance your outdoor spaces ready for prospective buyers to imagine themselves entertaining on a beautiful spring night. It really is the best time for an alfresco evening with a cool breeze and no threats of thunderstorms.

Get a green thumb
The weather may make your grass more green and your garden thrive but it won’t hurt to put some effort into landscaping your yards or simply adding a few new plants. Curb appeal is your first impression; make it count.

Whether the change in the weather is the basis for the increase in buying and selling or just the established idea of the Spring Selling Season, it is a great time to engage in the market. A renewed confidence and interest from prospective buyers as the diversity in the market grows is just around the corner.

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